This How To Help Children Overcome Fear Dark

Parents should be careful when choosing words when talking to children. Lest the fear of children in the dark begins when Mother or other relatives frighten or tease her. Generally children have a high imagination, so they are more easily scared. The fear of the dark usually begins to be felt by children aged 2 years who can imagine, but cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. Dark conditions that do not allow them to see clearly, can make him imagine there might be a scary figure in the corner or under the bed. Looking for Causes of Dark Fear Mother might wonder why Little One is suddenly afraid of the dark, whereas before it was not. The most common source of fear of darkness is children's fear of something they do not understand. Here are some possibilities that can cause your child to be afraid of the dark: Sounds and images watched Television is one source that provides excessive stimulation to children. Children who watch shows that are not appropriate f
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